Innovation ESC


Patented innovation enabling quick, no-tools-required assembly.
This new Elsa Profil innovation aims at facilitating all panel assemblies and in particular drawers. ESC can be used with various support materials (chipboard, polymers, metal).

The inclusion of a polymer tab into a specific groove enables assembly:

    • without tools or glue
    • twice as fast
    • simple
    • without any hardware
    • with a horizontal and vertical overhang of the front in relation to the sides
    • that is environmentally friendly through the use of 100 % recyclable components

The assembly system is discrete and adapts to all dimensions.
With ESC, assembly becomes child’s play.

Additional benefits of the ESC system :

  • weight gain in the kits
  • durability of the assembly over time
  • possible association with dowels
  • notching possible on the rear crossbar of a drawer


Find here a presentation of the ESC innovation