Know How

Unique How-How

Elsa Profil’s core business is the production of wooden profiles and narrow workpieces.

This niche positioning corresponds to specific know-how of which the main characteristics are as follows :

  • Expert knowledge in wood and in transforming it ;
  • Control of the production chain, from design to manufacturing ;
  • A production tool that can be adapted quickly
  • Production force for small and large series in a very short time frame
  • High production capacity
  • Highly reactive, industrially and commercially
  • Substantial operating flexibility thanks to the company’s human-scale size


Elsa Profil’s internal engineering office allows us to accompany each customer in their projects, and in particular we offer assistance in designing customised parts.

Prototyping and pre-series can also be carried out, where applicable, in order to ensure that the final result fully corresponds to the expectations and requirements of the stakeholders.

State-of-the-art production equipment

Elsa Profil puts the benefit of the expertise of its staff of 25 working with the very latest equipment at the service of its customers:


  • Two lines enable wrapping of parts from 30 to 300 mm wide and up to 3,000 mm long. The decoration is applied over 360° with a single foil of paper and one-joint covering for a better appearance.

enrobage 360

  • Fully automated drilling islands.


  • Machines for covering of short edges