Responsible products

Elsa Profil’s various wooden profiles are made from materials that offer a wide variety of possibilities :

Solid wood panels

This noble material can be transformed easily and can be embellished in different ways

Particle boards

These are panels made from particles of wood (large chips, wood shavings, sawdust, etc.) bonded organically or with minerals

MDF panels

This is medium density fibreboard made with synthetically bonded wood fibres

HDF panels

This is a material, like MDF, comprised of fibres. It is agglomerated at an even higher pressure and provides it with high density.

Profiles and narrow pieces

Elsa Profil’s expertise provides the ability to design and produce narrow pieces and made-to-measure profiles in large volumes from chipboard or MDF.


product Range

Making drawers

This is Elsa Profil’s main activity, starting with design and then making drawers and their components. Elsa Profil

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